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Bret's InterNACHI Certifications 
Continuing education is the key to staying ahead in construction and inspection practices.

Whether you are purchasing a starter home, an investment property, your dream home, or you have questions about your current residence.  A professional home inspection can help you to understand the structures and systems of the building and what to watch for to keep it well maintained and safe for years to come. Discovering defects is part of the process of a home inspection, don't be overwhelmed by them.  We will discuss them and put them into perspective as we go through the property.

Radon Only (machine)                                                     $150                                          
Full Inspection (up to  2500 Sqft.)                                  $350

Inspection with Radon (machine)                                  $475
Individual System (ie roof, plumbing, HVAC)               $120
Condo (Full inspection minus the HOA items)            $300

I am licensed in New York State (NYS) and therefore follow the NYS standards of Practice (SOP) and code of ethics. The NYS SOP's are a minimum requirement.  I try to exceed the standards where possible so that you will be completely satisfied with your inspection and tell your friends.  I am also a proud member of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) and I have included both sets of SOP's incase you are interested.  Both InterNACHI and NYS Standards are very similar.  The SOP's describe the elements of a home inspection.  Knowing the SOP's can help you know the limitations and exclusions of a home inspection. They will help you to ask good questions before hiring your inspector, and you will know what is not covered in a typical home inspection.  My goal is to give you a lot of information during the inspection and provide you with a quality report that will help you to understand the issues and how to maintain your home for years to come.  Use the contact us page for more information or call me today to set up an inspection.
NYS Code of Ethics
NYS Standards of Practice
Pre-Inspection Agreement
InterNACHI Code of Ethics
InterNACHI Standards of Practice
Sample Inspection Report

Home Inspections with Added Value

Infrared Thermography &  Water Intrusion:  Our home inspections take advantage of Infrared technology.  This can help identify defects that may be invisible to the naked eye.  Infrared images capture temperature differences in surface materials.  These images can help identify early water intrusion points that have not come all the way through the exterior structures and materials.  These early entry points may not be invisible to the naked eye and may not be leaving visible stains - yet.  Images that are indicative of water intrusion are verified with a moisture meter. 

Infrared Thermography & Energy Savings:  Infrared can also help identify where energy is escaping or entering  the home (depending on the season).  Identifying these hot or cold spots can help the home owner to save money on their energy bills.

Infrared Thermography - What it's NOT:  It is important to note that eventhough infrared may look like x-ray vision because of what the image reveals, it is NOT.  Certain envioronmental conditions can limit the effectiveness of the images.  This 30 minute video will provide some more information on how we integrate and verify thermal images in home a home inspection.
Home Maintneance Book for all Bret's clients:
Every home inspection performed comes with a digitally delivered report with a summary section.  It is advised that you read through the whole report to get an in-depth view of the entire home.  There will be many pictures some standard and some infrared with arrows and other aspects of the image marked-up to point out different issues or defects.  The summary section will highlight some of the more pertinent defects discovered that may be more important to the real estate transaction.  Again, the full report will provide you with the most accurate information on what the home will need and what items will need ongong maintenance, repair, or replacement.  After the inspection you will receive this book that will help you maintain and enjoy the home you love.  Watch this short video (45 seconds) for more information.
Transcript of Ongoing Continuing Education: